Spalted Alder Bowl

Spalted Alder Bowl


Put simply, this bowl is stunning and one of a kind!

The wood was found at the local sawmill where we source all the Oak for our boards, on the Staunton Harold estate. Still in one large piece of the trunk, it was destined to be chopped up for firewood! However a chance glimpse at the surface hinted at something much more special waiting to be revealed.

The bowl was turned straight away, then packaged in its own wood shavings for a further 6 months to fully dry. As it dried, it warped slightly, which can still be seen in the finished bowl. Further sanding and oiling revealed the unique beauty of the grain - caused by the ‘spalting’ in this alder tree, a fungal infection which is likely to be the reason the tree was taken down. The fungus dies when the wood dries but leaves behind this beautiful patterning and colouring.

It’s a bowl which will never be repeated - its pattern and form a result of its growth and drying.

We finish all our wood products in food-safe oil so this could be used as a serving bowl, but we think it deserves pride of place on display (with regular handling to appreciate its beauty!)

Product dimensions (approx.):

Height 9.5cm

Diameter at widest point 16.5cm

Diameter at base 6cm

Finished in food-safe Danish Oil and beeswax. If you use for food, wipe clean only. Comes with care instructions.

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