Wood Balm

Wood Balm


We often get asked how best to care for boards and bowls after use - here is our unique mixture to keep all your wooden products looking their best!

We blend mineral oil, food-safe beeswax and cold-pressed lemon oil to create a semi-solid balm suitable for boards, bowls, utensils, even tabletops. There’s no added colours, just a hint of a fresh lemon scent and all the moisture your wood needs. Simply apply with a lint-free cloth all over your item, allow the wood to absorb the balm for half an hour then buff with a dry cloth to remove any residue. We recommend applying this balm at least every 6 months, but it can be used more often whenever your items look in need of moisture and rejuvenation.

Supplied in a 60ml screw-top recyclable aluminium container, with instructions on the reverse. This amount is enough to take care of a board for several years and makes a great addition to any of our wooden items!

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