Round Oak Serving Board

Round Oak Serving Board


Our newest shape of Board, the Round Oak Serving Board is a great option if you’re looking for a classic and useful serving board, with beautiful character imbued in our English Oak.

We use only quarter-sawn, air dried English Oak for our boards. The slow growth and long drying process results in a fantastically characterful wood - it also means your board is strong and stable, unlikely to warp or split. Each board has been carefully cut, shaped and sanded by hand from one single piece of wood to ensure as smooth and useable a surface as possible.

Each board is finished in food-safe mineral oil and then our new plant-based vegan wax blend - beeswax-free, a blend of candelilla wax and walnut oil.

Each board is unique in grain pattern, including stable knots, so we’ve photographed each board separately here (both sides) and you can choose your preferred board at checkout.


Diameter 31cm

Thickness 2.5cm

Not suitable for dishwashers or submerging in water. For best results wipe clean with a damp cloth and use our Wood Balm regularly to preserve the finish.

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