Mini Pear Bowl

Mini Pear Bowl


Each of these Mini Bowls has been hand-turned by Sean from a piece of English-grown Pear, a wood with a gorgeous rich terracotta colour and some lighter sapwood grain visible in 2 of these bowls.

Finished in Danish Oil and then our new plant-based vegan wax blend - beeswax-free, a blend of candelilla wax and walnut oil.

As each bowl is so unique in grain pattern and colouring we’ve photographed each separately here and you can choose your preferred bowl at checkout.

Please note, Bowl A contains small knots, a few of which are go all the way through so this bowl does have some small holes.


A - 8.5cm diameter, 3.5 cm tall.

B - 8.5cm diameter, 3.5cm tall.

C - 9cm diameter, 3.5cm tall.

Not suitable for dishwashers or submerging in water. For best results wipe clean with a damp cloth and use our Wood Balm regularly to preserve the finish.

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