English Oak 'Egg' Board

English Oak 'Egg' Board


Serve up starters or sides on these handmade English Oak boards. The gently rounding 'egg' shape would be perfect for your Sunday morning boiled eggs or Easter table!

Our Oak is grown in Leicestershire, on an estate where trees are felled sustainably to manage the woodland. The slow growth and long drying process has resulted in a fantastically characterful wood - it also means your board is strong and stable, unlikely to warp or split and will only get more characterful with age and use. Look after it, and your board will last a lifetime.

When we get wood as fantastic as this, we don't want to do a lot to it. So each 'egg' board has been carefully cut, shaped and sanded by hand from one single piece of wood to ensure as smooth and useable a surface as possible. It is then finished in food-safe mineral oil, with a final coating of beeswax which brings out the grain with a subtle lustre.

Each board is unique and shows the qualities of the wood - some have small knots, many have beautiful ribbon-like markings known as 'Medullary Rays', part of the growing process of the Oak. None of these affect the structure of the wood.

Each board is unique and handmade. The grain / knotting will differ from the photos shown here.

Product dimensions:

Length 22.5cm

Width 20cm

Thickness 2.5cm

Each board comes with care instructions to keep it looking its best. Do not submerge in water, and not suitable for dishwashers. Wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry straight away. Wooden products should be rubbed with beeswax or mineral oil every few months - use our Wood Balm for best results.

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