Brown Oak Cake Knife

Brown Oak Cake Knife


A lovely new addition to our range of utensils - our Cake Knife in Brown Oak.

Lovely as a wedding gift or just as a special present to yourself, our Cake Knives not only cut neatly without tearing but are wide enough to be used for serving.

After picking up some stock of quarter-sawn English Oak from our sawmill, we cleaned up a piece to find it was actually Brown Oak! A naturally occurring discolouring which darkens the wood, Brown Oak (or Tiger Oak) is only uncovered when the tree is cut. Known for it’s rich, often striped grain, it’s one of our favourite woods to work with and really quite rare.

Fnished with several coats of food-safe mineral oil and then our new plant-based vegan wax blend - beeswax-free, a blend of candelilla wax and walnut oil.

Length 27cm

Not suitable for dishwashers or submerging in water. For best results wipe clean with a damp cloth and use our Wood Balm regularly to preserve the finish.

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